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Wash it in warm water, use a mild soap and rub it with a non-abrasive sponge If possible, it is preferable to air the insole after each use.

Before customising your NOENE® insole, check:
– if the product you purchased is suitable to be cut
– the size and shape of the shoe and/or the original insole

Take a pen and scissors and use one of the following methods to cut the insole to size:
– remove the original insole from the shoe, place it on the NOENE® insole (A), draw the outline (B) and cut it (C)
– if the original insole is not removable from the shoe
• use the cutting lines if present under the NOENE® insole corresponding to your size and cut it (C)
• cut the CUT MODEL matching your size, place it on the NOENE® insole (A), mark the outline (B) and cut (C)

  • NOENE®: The main property is their viscoelasticity, which guarantees a high capacity for cushioning and absorbing shock waves. The product is capable of absorbing and removing shocks and vibrations produced at every step, jump or use of equipment. It prevents the propagation of shock waves generated by the impact of the foot on the ground or of the hand with equipment.
    What is Noene®
  • NEXUS Energy Source® is a high-tech fibre that combines noble metals, which allow high benefits for our body. The Nexus textile fibre is a smart polyester, the result of the sector’s development. Its potential is studied by an advanced science: clothing physiology. It analyses the relationship between the body, climate and clothing. Leading universities and research institutes studied the properties and characteristics of Nexus fibre fabrics, recognising their effectiveness throughout the human activity cycle: in sport and for everyday activities and relaxation.

This specific fibre composition, worldwide patented, produces a continuous natural infrared emission. This patented combination, enriched with noble metals (platinum, titanium and aluminium) emits natural and unique energy that can optimise the role played by water in our body’s biological processes. Because it is not a surface finish, its benefits do not decrease with time or washing. Nexus garments need no special care or maintenance. They are washed like normal polyester but dry much faster!

  • AIRFOAM and DRYTECH: allow the foot to breathe properly for maximum comfort and hygiene.
  • CARBON FIBER + KEVLAR: inserted in the arch support area, provides greater support, reducing foot fatigue.
  • POLYESTER: resistant and safe, it allows the insole to be long-lasting.
  • E.V.A: it is a chemically foamed reticulated material, whose structure with completely closed cells guarantees complete   impermeability to water, as well as thermal insulating characteristics.
  • P.U: polyurethane is resistant to all environmental conditions. It is an inert material, does not discolour, does not age and is not penetrated by water.

NOENE® is a safe material but not suitable for continuous direct skin contact. Place the product with the coated side (the side with the NOENE® logo) towards the foot or, in the case of UNDER-SOLE products, under the original sole.

The NOENE® elastomer preserves its characteristics and its ability to absorb shock waves for a long time. However, the lifetime of NOENE® products is determined by:

  • Wear. Mechanical factors such as friction with other parts of the shoe with which it comes into contact.
  • Conditions of use (acidity of perspiration, humidity, etc.).

If possible, it is preferable to air the insole after each use.
Replace the insoles after 2 years from first use or sooner if heavily used. If possible, it is preferable to air the insole after each use.

All products made with NOENE® material guarantee the same effectiveness and benefits.

In order to choose the most suitable NOENE® products, you must take several aspects into account:
2- Use: foot (insoles), hands (grip)
3- Type of footwear and original insole: UNDER-SOLE, OVER-SOLE, 3D INSOLE

Even though they are suitable for any shoe, the type of footwear used can affect the choice (e.g. narrow shoes require thinner and lighter insoles).
For more details, we suggest reading the product information carefully.


If you are using a bespoke arch support, you must purchase UNDER-SOLE insoles, which are designed to be placed under the arch support. The insoles were designed to meet the needs of those who use these arch supports.

The NOENE® UNDER-SOLE insoles are extremely light (13 g) and thin, with a thickness of 1 mm they can be placed under the bespoke arch support. In this way the posture is not affected and the function of the bespoke arch supports is not affected, and the benefits of the NOENE® material are guaranteed.

If you have any questions, you can use the contact form.

NOENE® insoles are available in different sizes. These sizes comply with the European size system.
Please refer to the following table to see the equivalent British and American sizes: Click here!

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