Why Noene



NOENE® helps protect your joints and improves your quality of life with a thickness of just 1 millimetre and a weight of only 13 grams.

Why use NOENE®



NOENE® products (insoles, heels, grips) absorb and remove up to 96% of the negative energy produced by shocks and vibrations, avoiding their negative effect on the skeletal and muscle system.



During sports training, daily activity or a busy work day, NOENE® reduces the feeling of fatigue, tiredness and joint stress by keeping the muscles more efficient and improving resistance to strain.



NOENE® helps to reduce recovery time and restore you to your ideal fitness status for subsequent  activities.


Enjoy your sport activitiy with NOENE®

In specific sports, issues arising from repeatedly absorbing shock waves from the foot on the ground or vibrations from the grip of equipment are common.

NOENE® is a simple, effective and long-lasting solution for professional and amateur athletes as well as for those who practice wellness-oriented activities on an occasional basis.

NOENE® SPORT products are suitable for activities such as running, athletics, trail running, soccer, tennis, padel, and more and extreme or endurance sports such as Ironman, triathlon, ultra trail, etc.

They are very thin and light (they are only a few  millimetres thick) and can be inserted OVER, UNDER or IN PLACE of the original insole, without changing the sensation of the fit.


Enjoy your daily activity with NOENE®

After a day of activity, even if it is moderate, numerous shock waves propagate from the ankles to the cervical area.

These can cause acute heel pain, periostitis, stress fractures, joint pain in feet, knees, hips, back and even at the base of the neck.

The products of the DAILY NOENE® line are made of an innovative material that absorbs, removes and prevents the propagation of shocks and vibrations. They are very thin and light, with a thickness of just a few millimetres and can be used with any shoes.

Their regular use ensures a higher quality of life, allowing you to fully enjoy your leisure time.


Enjoy an active work with NOENE®

Traditional insoles can provide comfort for the foot, but due to their “spring effect” they accentuate the propagation of negative vibrations.

NOENE® insoles can help you to face the work day better because they perfectly fulfil their role of filtering negative waves and protecting the body.

The continuous movements and loads to which one is subjected during work hours are felt in a significant way when the day comes to an end and with even greater effects the following day, in the form of leg soreness and backache and pains in the cervical area.

WORK NOENE ® insoles line helps you maintain your daily work pace.


Endless applications, endless possibilities

NOENE INSIDE® is not just a material, but a real partner for collaboration and project development. Both directly and through selected partnerships, NOENE® experts are constantly looking for new uses for the material in order to exploit its full potential.

Its use is versatile: it is suitable for any situation where negative vibrations are a harmful factor for the human body.

This is why the NOENE® INSIDE logo was created. To identify companies that chose to improve the performance of their products by using our material.

It can be combined with many products to improve performance and quality in creating components and accessories:

  • for bikes: handlebars, grips, gloves, saddles, and insoles
  • for contact sports: gloves, protectors, elbow pads, and knee pads
  • for sports equipment: skateboards, snowboards, skis, and skates
  • for tennis: grips, tubulars, elbow pads, and wrist pads
  • for fitness: mats and machinery
  • for the orthopaedic and health sector: insoles, heels, wheelchairs, and braces
  • for footwear, fashion, sports, accident prevention, fitness, and ski boots



Health, rehabilitation and people well-being.

NOENE® INSIDE bespoke insoles meet the countless health, rehabilitation and people wellness needs.

The task carried out by NOENE® INSIDE bespoke insoles are of fundamental importance because they allow the foot to keep the correct posture, ensuring maximum protection against negative vibrations when the material reaches its maximum compression thus acting as a rigid material. In addition, NOENE® material ensures the effect desired by the specialist for the entire life of the insole.

NOENE® INSIDE can be used and be freely combined with shapes and materials, based on the expertise and experience of the Orthopaedic Technician and the instructions of the Physician.

NOENE® INSIDE bespoke insoles correct errors in the distribution of body weight and PROTECT during all stages of contact, avoiding the onset of pain that can be located in different areas of the body, such as the back, knee, hip and ankle.

There are many different pathologies that require the use of an arch support. The most common include flatfoot, pronated foot, hollow foot, congenital deformed foot, hallux valgus, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis, heelitis, tendonitis, muscle-tendon inflammations in the lower limbs (e.g. posterior and anterior tibial) or for people with circulation problems.

The main benefits of the custom-made arch supports with NOENE®, in addition to providing pain relief for the feet, ankles and legs, include a high capacity to absorb excessive foot pressure and minimise impact and thus pain.

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