Who do we protect?

Ideal for all cyclists.

What are the technical characteristics of the BIKE UNDER-GRIP?

The NOENE® BIKE UNDER-GRIP is specifically designed to protect the cyclist from handlebar vibrations caused by asphalt and uneven surfaces. This provides relief for hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

The vibrations caused by the rotation of the wheels on asphalt and uneven surfaces are considerably reduced by the BIKE UNDER-GRIP because it helps PREVENT the onset of pain and inflammation of joints, especially in the hands, arms and shoulder, due to continuous micro-traumas. The 1 mm thickness NOENE® tape is not coated with fabric for maximum elasticity and adherence.

Size: 2,5 x 130 cm

How to apply the NOENE® BIKE UNDER GRIP?

Place the NOENE® UNDER-GRIP directly in contact with the handlebars of your bike, well stretched and tight. Fasten at both ends with the adhesive provided. Coat with over-grip or grip of your choice.

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