Who do we protect?

Ideal for tennis players.

What are the technical characteristics of the TENNIS UNDER-GRIP?

The TENNIS UNDER-GRIP protects hands and arms from the stresses generated by the strong impact of the ball on the racket, reducing the tingling sensation caused by these impacts as well as protecting your joints from inflammation (e.g. “tennis elbow”).
The UNDER-GRIP with 1mm thickness NOENE® tape is uncoated for maximum elasticity and grip, ensuring a more comfortable and firm grip with a softer feel.
It helps to PREVENT tendon inflammation and reduces hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder fatigue due to its ability to absorb vibrations generated by impacts. Increased protection means more strength and endurance, therefore more control and performance.

Size: 2,5 x 130 cm

How to apply the NOENE® TENNIS UNDER GRIP?

Place the NOENE® UNDER-GRIP directly in contact with the handle of the racket or other equipment, so that it is well stretched and adherent. Fasten at both ends with the provided adhesive tape.

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